Why Dogs Bark at Some People But Not at Others

Bonus: How to avoid it

To prevent the massive chunk of those troubles later during a dog’s life, you’ve got to properly socialize it as a puppy. attempt to introduce it to as many new smells, noises, and folks as possible, so as an adult, nothing will come as a surprise to them. Exposed to different experiences, the pup will become old more flexible and mentally stable.

If the dog already includes a problem with people, teach it to not feel defensive or protective of everything around it. Train it with key commands to take a seat or relax when someone new is around, repeating the method until your dog knows what to try and do without really brooding about it. Don’t forget to stayone or two of its favorite treats close as a presentpermanently behavior.

How does one handle your pets’ strange behavior? does one think dogs can smell bad intentions from people?