43 Pet Products You Don’t Technically Need, But Will Absolutely Want To Own

1. A hand-knit pet bed that your fur baby will actually want to sleep in. My cats are *so* unbelievably picky with beds, but they’re absolutely obsessed with this one!

As you can see, my cat, Norman, has claimed the bed as his own. It’s super soft and moldable, which is clearly why he likes it because it will cave in around him. He will sleep in it for literal hours in every position imaginable. The other two cats get some time in it as well, and they all show signs of genuinely loving it. They *also* make biscuits in it and it holds up remarkably well. I can’t say enough good things about this bed. It’s a HIT!

Berkshire Yarn Works is a Black woman-owned small business based out of The Berkshires, Massachusetts that sells cozy handmade items for you and your home. 

Promising review: “The quality is great, color is beautiful, and my cat is already loving her new bed! Great customer service too, thank you for sending me details so I could pick the perfect cat bed!” —Morgan

Get it from Berkshire Yarn Works on Etsy for $65 (available in four colors). 

2. A dog feeding reminder, because sometimes it’s hard to remember if we really ~did~ feed the pup. Especially when they always act like they haven’t eaten in 64 days. Nice try, Harry Pawter.

Promising review: “Awesome product! There are four of us that were working together to feed the dogs. It simplified everything because I no longer have to text to see if anyone had fed them every morning. Now I just to see if it’s green and if not I feed them and indicate it, we all love it so much!” —Toni Deegan

Get it from Amazon for $8.32.

3. A ball launcher to really elevate your fetch game with your doggo friend without wearing out your arm muscles. This bad boy will launch the ball so far, they’ll get the most exercise they’ve gotten in a while. Get ready for a tired pup on the way home.

Promising review: “I have a young golden retriever who would retrieve balls and Frisbees all day long if my arm could take it. I can throw the ball a lot farther and for more throws, so he gets more exercise. Love that I no longer need to bend over to pick up the ball or have to touch a slimy, sandy, filthy ball! It’s quite intuitive to use and within about three throws you’ll have it down perfectly. You can also use regular tennis balls with it.” —Pupspicacious

Get it from Amazon for $6+ (available in seven styles).

4. A portable dog paw washer that will keep their muddy paws sparkly clean so they can continue being the prissy pup they were born to be.

Promising review: “I’ve been using this for a few weeks, and I love it. It cleans the salt off my dogs’ paws so easily. When it’s super dirty and the streets are covered in salt, I’ll refresh the water supply. I add a few drops of their doggie shampoo, and it works great.” —Sandra

Get it from Amazon for $17.52+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

5. A portable water bottle because dogs get thirsty, and this is a much easier (and faster!) way to get them to drink *all* the water instead of pouring half your water bottle onto the ground and them only taking one lap.

Promising review: “This water bottle is truly a godsend! I cannot imagine using any other travel water bottle for my pups! It is slim, fits perfectly in a bottle slot in my travel bag; it is lightweight and has a loop to put around my wrist when I walk with my pups. It is extremely convenient on car rides, when my pup is thirsty and needs a quick pick-me-up! I especially love the fact that it sucks the water back in, so that I am not wasting unused water.” —Lv4nmls

Get a 12-ounce from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

6. Catnip-infused felted balls sure to be the perfect toy for them to bat around *and* you don’t have to deal with obnoxious bells and whistles like other toys!

Simply B Vermont is a small business from Montpelier, Vermont that specializes in accessories and toys for cats and dogs.

Promising review: “These little catnip scented balls are the perfect size and the perfect scent for my kitties. I bought some for me and some for my grand kitties and they all absolutely love them!! Shipping was fast and they arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this product and this shop.” —Jesselcat11

Get it from Simply B Vermont on Etsy for $3.75+ (available in three tin colors).

7. Or matatabi cat chew sticks that are a perfect alternative for those kitties who don’t really like catnip. Just rub some of the bark off the sticks to release the natural oils and watch your cat play away! Bonus: It also helps maintain healthy teeth!

Matatabi is a plant native to the mountains Japan and China and grows like an ivy on trees and rocks. It is more commonly used in East Asia instead of catnip.

Meowy Janes is a small New Jersey–based business that sells all natural catnip and alternatives such as whole Silver Vine fruit.

Promising review: “This was one of the best products for my cats! They loved each stick every single time. Best money spent on this product! Hands down! I definitely recommend!” —Jesse Sanchez

Get it from Meowy Janes on Etsy for $10.97 or from Amazon for $9.97.

8. A self-groomer cat brush so your lil stinky baby can groom and (hopefully) brush their loose hair off themselves for once. Plus, you can fill it with catnip to attract them to it!

Promising review: “I got this for my three-legged cat because he can’t scratch his left side. He’ll be trying to scratch and all you see is his little nub going crazy. I found these and he immediately LOVED it! The expression on his face when he first tried it was priceless. The only downside is that it’s possible it’ll fall off because it was hard for me to get all pieces of tape to stick on a corner at the same time, but I can always buy more double sided tape so not a big deal to me. The product is for Floyd, not me, and he’s happy so 5 stars.” —Pippa Runs

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

9. A plush log toy that’ll basically become their go-to toy until the end of time. Warning: you *may* find rogue squirrels around the house and yes, you will giggle.

Promising review: “My lab fell in love with it! I got the ‘Ginormous’ one. It is tall and comes with six squeaking squirrels. He is having a blast and already has removed one squeaker, but the squirrel is still intact. The stitching is very good and durable. He is particularly interested in chewing the cardboard base, (cardboard between the fabrics for support). Finally a toy that challenges and excites him.” —Capt. Ken Caine

Get it from Amazon for $10.39+ (available in four sizes and 12 styles).

10. A roller track cat toy so they can have hours of endless fun and you never have to worry about them losing the balls around the house. Our cats absolutely ~love~ this toy!

Promising review: ” I liked this product because it was delivered very quickly and was super easy to assemble. It came with little rubber stoppers so the toy doesn’t slide around when my kitten plays with it. I also chose this product because it came in a light blue color where as other, similar products only had one color. The toy has three tiers as opposed to one so she is entertained for hours.” —Arianna

Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in five colors).

11. A snuffle mat that’ll encourage their foraging skills, keeping them entertained when you’re too busy with work to give them the attention they demand.

Promising review: “My dog can not be anymore obsessed with this snuffle mat! Scout has a tendency when we go for walks to sniff out anything and everything he can. I always said he was like a truffle pig. This mat gives me peace of mind that he’s only sniffing out dog treats and not poisonous berry’s or bones of dead cats (sadly that happens often). This mat entertains Scout and even when he has found all the treats he will go back and look for more. Great way to keep him busy but also give his brain a little work out!” —Lifesaver

Get it from Amazon for $15.29.

12. A cheeky dog toy so they can be ✨ twinning ✨ with you while you drink your human version of the toy.

Promising review: “My dog is a soft toy destroyer. She usually tears them apart in five minutes, stuffing everywhere. But for some reason she has not gotten these apart yet! The fabric seems a little more durable but I think it also helps that there are no hanging pieces like a tail/ears, etc. She loves to toss them around. Squeaker isn’t in an area she bites all the time so it’s not overly annoying.” —Stacy Laake

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in two styles).

13. A pet fountain to keep your cats from drinking the water in the kitchen sink *and* your pup from lapping up from the toilet bowl. It’s a win-win!

Promising review: “This is by far the best Pet Water Fountain I have gotten! We have gone thru about 10 before this one! This fountain, is easy set up, easy filter change, and best of all..the design is such that pet hair does not get in the bottom in the water, bc the filter traps it up top!! This is a huge plus bc I have a long haired cat! My cat loves it! They drink more water from this fountain than any other! They love it!!” —Karen S.

Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (available in two colors).

14. A teeny-tiny beanie for even the smallest of critters to look as dapper as ever before. Put it on your guinea pig, iguana, or even your snake!

Busters Party Shop is a small business based in Boise, Idaho that sells the cutest little hats for all kinds of small pets and critters. 

Promising review: “Great little hats! Put them on my chinchilla Elmo and he looked quite handsome” —Kristen VanPelt

Get it from Busters Party Shop on Etsy for $3.50 (available in three sizes and 14 colors or you can have them surprise you).

15. A litter box enclosure so you and your cat can live in style without an unattractive litter box sitting in the corner for all of your guests to see. Bonus: your cat will absolutely love the privacy.

Promising review: “Easy to set up, it looks like a nice piece of furniture so it’s in my living room. Put a couple of cushions on top it’s great place for the cats to sleep too.” —CJ

Get it from Wayfair for $81.30 (originally $129.99, available in four colors).

16. A reusable lint roller because lint strips not only feel very wasteful, but it feels like you need to use over 20 just to clean your shirt. With a quick swipe, you can pick up all the hair and easily remove it from the hidden compartment.

Promising review: “I bought this product after realizing the Scotch Brite fur removing sheets have been discontinued. We have three cats and we regularly used the sheets to remove embedded fur from our sofa and chairs. I was skeptical about this product when I bought it and was AMAZED by how well this worked. The best part to me is that it also helps the environment because there are no “sheets” to be thrown away. Highly recommend!!!!!” —Jean P. Godoy

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

17. A window perch so your kitty can not only have a place to lounge, but they can look out the window and see nature like they’re on a front row seat at their favorite concert. The concert? The Backyard ft. Squirrels.

Holds up more than 40-pounds!

Promising review: “This is perfect for our situation. We needed something sturdy that could easily be placed, moved, replaced, and not lose its integrity or leave any marks/wear behind. I was worried when purchasing if the suction cups would hold, and if the material of the hammock would be easily cleaned of hair, etc. After receiving and placing the item, I saw how sturdy the general frame, hammock, and suction cups were. This was clearly designed my someone who has cats as well. The wire that attaches it to the window is sturdy and thick. It seems like it will stand the test of time against my cats teeth. I have 3 cats under a year old and one two year old cat. There is a lot of energy, and lots of chewing. Immediately I felt at ease that the structure will not be tampered with by their fangs. I am extremely picky when it comes to the safety of my cats, and what I leave them with unattended. I feel comfortable with this window seat, and I’m very happy with my purchase.” —The Cat Mom

Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in two colors).

18. A pet hair detailer to really get into the hard-to-reach places that your pets somehow always manage to fill with their fur. I swear it’s their life’s goal to leave behind as much fur as possible.

Promising review: “There’s one chair in my home that was always the cat’s chair. Not because she sits in it all the time– her love for it comes and goes– but because the giant pillow cushion that is its base was absolutely impregnated with cat hair, so no reasonable person would ever want to sit on it. I have vacuumed this chair hundreds of times. I have gone over it with lint brushes and sticky paper rolls and all that. The surface layer of loose cat hair would come off, but there was like a sedimented layer of cat hair that seemed to have fused with the pillow and would not come off no matter what I did. So there was this big piece of furniture in my living room, taking up a bunch of space, that was only ever used by one very small cat. I got one of these brush detailers. I vacuumed the cushion like usual, then started using the detailer. The cat hair came off. THE CAT HAIR CAME OFF. I vacuumed off the clumps of cat hair, went at it with the detailer some more, and in less than 5 minutes had cleaned the cushion of this chair better than it had been cleaned in probably 3 years. It’s now… just a cushion. The chair is a chair that I could reasonably ask a human to use. I can’t believe I ceded ownership of this chair to a cat who honestly isn’t even that into it for so many years when I could have just been hitting it with this stupid rubber brush thing all along.” —SP

Get it from Amazon for $12.

19. A funky cap for the silliest of cats who will probably hate it, but you’ll get a kick out of it and possibly even a few humorous photos. Also, who knows? Maybe they’ll end up being full time hat cats.

There are six designs and the one that will arrive in the mail is a *surprise*!

Promising review: “This is by far the cutest idea! I love that this Is a ‘mystery box’ and what you get is completely random. I think this was a melon type of hat and it fit puurfectly! My cat is rather small but the hat has a good stretch to it and seems decently made as well. If you’re thinking about purchasing this just do it, you won’t regret it!” —Daniel Pollock

Get it from Amazon for $8.49.

20. A treat ball your guinea pig, rabbit, or hedgehog is sure to have a ~ball~ (get it?) playing with. It will not only keep them active, but will also engage their natural foraging instincts, and who doesn’t want that?

The adjustable opening makes this work for kibble, pea flakes, small diced carrot, dried herbs or dried fruit.

Promising review: “I have two standard Rex rabbits. A fully grown one (about 10 pounds) and 9-week old baby (the size of a guinea pig). Both absolutely have a blast playing with these balls. The baby has even managed to get the ball into the water dish. So, I wonder if he’s learned to pick it up and throw it by the treat dispensing opening. The ball’s treat dispensing opening is adjustable in size to accommodate different sized yummy surprises or difficulty level. They get great enjoyment trying to get either pieces of vegetables or some food pellets out of it that I’ve put inside.” —PPG

Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

21. A pet urine detector light so you don’t have to guess where your pets may have done the deed in your home ever again. We got you now, Fido.

Don’t forget to get some AA batteries before you check out!

Promising review: “Omg this is disgusting!!! I hope this isn’t all just cat pee that shows up cause there is a lot! I bought this cause I thought my cat was peeing in one room and couldn’t find the exact spot so I bought this. Found the spot and more. Would recommend.” –Momof3Boys

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

22. A bow tie dog collar because… it’s a bow tie dog collar. Do we need a reason? Bow. Tie. Dog. Collar.

Promising review: “We purchased the buffalo plaid one for our family Christmas photo and even got a small for our friend’s Boston terrier. This collar matches our buffalo plaid pajamas so well. They look so adorable and the collar is so durable. We could not be happier with this product. We will keep buying them in different patterns until we have them all.” —Victoria

Get it from Amazon for $12.39+ (available in six sizes and seven colors).

23. A pack of calming chews that use the natural power of colostrum, L-theatine, and thiamine to ease their nervousness. Now I need one for my anxiety and we’ll be golden.

Promising review: “I just got a new kitty and he’s been really stressed out with this change. He was living in an abandoned house, fending for himself and we rescued him! These chews help calm him down quite a bit. So glad we got these!! Thank you! You saved us all!” —Jayme

Get a pack of 30 from Amazon for $8.50 or Subscribe & Save for $8.08/month.

24. A packable dog poncho because you can’t control mother nature and you should always be prepared for whatever the weather may hold. Plus, dogs are honestly just so cute in raincoats.

Promising review: “For the price, this raincoat is great. It stays on and the fit is adjustable. The girth is really adjustable with a wide Velcro band, so you want to buy according to your dog’s body length so you can shield them from the rain. Love the ducky pattern!” —Laura Kao

Get it from Amazon for $19.03 (available in sizes 2XS–3XL and 17 colors).

25. A car door protector so you don’t have to worry about your pup scratching up the door out of the excitement of looking out the window and spending time with their bestest bud in the whole world. Spoiler alert: It’s you.

Promising review: “Really pleased with these. Snap in quick and easy and the windows operate easily while on. I leave them since my girl rides with me often, in the back where she is safe like a child.” —KimofCoventry

Get it from Amazon for $30.21 (available in three colors).

26. A macrame cat hammock that will match your impeccable bohemian vibes while also giving your kitty a place to ~chill~, reducing the piles of fur they create on your bedsheets from all their naps.

Macrame Beautiful is a small business based in Beijing that sells stunning macrame pieces like planters, wall decors, and baskets.

Promising review: “This is my second purchase and I will continue to buy!! The craftsmanship is so beautiful. It is evident she enjoys what she does. Every item is packed with care and in adorable resealable pouches. Sweet stickers with handwritten notes and beautifully printed ‘how to care for and clean the items.’ My kittens love their hammock!” —Annie Zummo

Get it from Macrame Beautiful on Etsy for $59.99+ (available in two styles and with one, two, or no cushions).

27. A mountable rock cave for snakes who just want a cozy little place to hide and look out. Attach this bad boy against the glass and they just might decide it’s the best place for snoozin’ and creepin’.

Promising review: “I absolutely love it. It works great for what I need. I have a garter snake who absolutely loves it.” —MiniBlaz3

Get it from Amazon for $30.99.

28. A Litter Genie that will be your next best friend. This litter disposal system locks away stinky litter and you never have to worry about smelling it again. Just scoop the poop, open the lid and drop the clumps, and pull the handle to lock it in.

Promising review: “I love the convenience of the Litter Genie. It makes digging through the treasure box a quick and painless chore.” —A Smart Shopper

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

29. A dog backpack so Freddie Pawcury can bring his own gear on your weekly adventures together, saving you the extra weight. The breathable mesh keeps your pup cool and has expandable pockets to store all the treats!

Promising review: “It worked for letting him carry his own water (Ziploc freezer bags). He also carried his collapsible bowl and packed out his own poop. He was comfortable with it and gets excited when he sees it because he knows it’s hiking time.” —Ralph

Get it from Amazon for $28.62 (available in four sizes, three styles, and three colors).

30. A water additive that will help clean your cat’s teeth by removing plaque, tartar, and even minimize their stinky breath. It’s 100% toxic free, odorless, and tasteless so you don’t have to worry about your cats even noticing it.

Promising review: “Oxyfesh Pet Oral Hygiene product is working well for my Chessy girl cat. She has dental issues which cause her to have bad breath This Oxyfresh has improved her breath and she doesn’t even know it is in the water because there is no odor or discoloration of the water!” —Lenore A. Smith

Get it from Amazon for $9.95+ (available in three sizes).

31. A lick pad so you can easily distract them while you give them the much-hated bath they absolutely need.

The pad can stick on any shiny or polished surface, such as tile, granite, or glass!

Promising review: “Our Labradoodle needs a distraction during bathtime and haircut/nail trim. We previously bought a different lick mat that we liked, but the suction cup didn’t work because it was too shallow. This mat has four deep suction cups on the corners with little tabs for easy lift off when you’re done! It stays up on the shower wall and keeps our pup entertained for his bath. The grooves are quite deep and have no variety so it’s easy to clean but if you’re looking for something a little different, just know that this isn’t that.” —Cate

Get it from Chewy for $10.95 (available in two styles).

32. A set of silicone pet food can covers that will keep their food fresh while your fur baby waits (impatiently) for their next meal. “I know you just fed me, but I’m actually starving again soo…” —Your pet (and my cat, Norman).

Promising review: “These can lids are really great. I love them because the silicone is easy to clean and doesn’t hold bacteria. Plus they have the hanger tab, I like that because I put the tab over a post in the dishwasher and they don’t fly around when the dishwasher runs. Having them come in a two-pack is nice too, I can have two flavors of food open at a time. The three different size options actually DO fit the different can sizes. Even if the can has a dent, the flexibility of the silicone adapts to the dent.” —Melinda L. Halicki

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $5.23+ (available in six options).

33. Dog goggles (DOGGLES?!) to keep their precious eyeballs protected from the wind (and debris) while they stare out the window and contemplate how amazing they really are. Life’s ~ruff~ when you’re adorable and have no responsibilities.

Paw 2 Paws is a small business that specializes in stylish and affordable pet gear.

Promising review: “The sun glasses fit my Newfoundland dog. Spud let me put them on and tolerated them well. We will be using them this summer when camping in the desert and it should keep the sun exposure down. Thank you.” —Colette Taylor

Get it from Paw 2 Paws on Etsy for $9.99 (available in three colors).

34. A collapsible dog bowl so you always have a way to give your pup food or water when you’re out and about. It also comes with a carabiner for easy clipping to your bag.

Promising review: “Perfect travel bowl for parks and hiking! Easy to clean!” —Priscilla

Get it from Amazon for $12.89 (available in four colors).

35. A stuffing-free toy, because remember that one time you came home to find stuffing everywhere? Yes, let’s prevent that from happening again.

Promising review: “My dachshund destroys every toy she gets. These dog toys by Petstages are her absolute favorites and last the longest. They have two different squeakers that makes their unique sound. Whenever she does finally rip them apart, stuffing doesn’t go everywhere. This is probably her ninth toy like this over the years. Highly recommend!” —Mattbakerrr

Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in three sizes and three styles).

36. A self-warming pet bed that your cat will probably sleep in 24/7. I have one of these for our cats and it’s been claimed by the oldest. They just love the warmth!

Promising review: “As soon as I put these down, my cats got on and haven’t moved. I ordered this based on reviews. I didn’t want a pad that made a noise,, which is a plus. I put my hand underneath one cat and it feels warm!” —Ekitty

Get it from Amazon for $11.86 (available in two colors).

37. An LED dog collar so you always know where they are when you take them out for their nightly walk. The collar has different light options, is adjustable, and rechargeable with up to five hours of use.

Promising review: “By the time I get home from work, it’s dark so walking my dog seems a bit safer. The collar doesn’t seem flimsy or cheap, it charges rather quickly and lasts a good amount of time. I don’t put the collar on the flashing mode but I like the fact that there are options.” —Cassandra

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in six sizes and six colors).

38. Some 12-inch faux plants that are gonna make your fish tank look like the underwater jungle you’ve always imagined for your fish ever since you saw Finding Nemo.

Promising review: “I put only about five of these in there and it filled out the tank sooooooo much!!! It gave my new babes a place to hide from the older grumpy fish, til they got more comfy in the tank and grow a bit. (I also have rock hideaways) if you can’t have plants cause of your fish, this is a good way to give your tank color and a place for the fish to hide. for the amount this price is AMAZING!!!!” –Amazon customer

Get a pack of ten from Amazon for $16.99.

39. A finger toothbrush to allow for easy cleaning of the entire mouth without any fuss. You can finally provide thorough teeth cleaning for your fur baby with ease.

Promising review: “Cannot recommend this 360-degree finger brush enough. Such a simple, and creative solution to pet teeth cleaning. Our dog usually never lets us go near his mouth. Saved us hundreds of dollars in going to a vet for deep teeth cleaning. Super easy usage, easy to clean, can throw it in the dishwasher or just rinse off after use.” —Alicia Cohen

Get it from Amazon for $13.49+ (available in two colors).

40. A bag of Pill Pockets so you can cleverly disguise your buddy’s medications and supplements in a treat. They’ll be none the wiser and all the healthier.

Promising review: “I finally tried these and I will never look back. It has made it so easy and quick to give him his meds. He loves them and taking his pills is probably the highlight of his day now! And I only use two pockets a day since a lot of his pills are small I just rip off a bit and wrap the pill see my pics. One whole pocket for a pill seems like a waste unless the pill is super big.” —Kimm99

Get it from Amazon for $14.98+ (available in a pack of six).

41. A seatbelt tether, because dogs tend to get overexcited in the back seat and this will bring you peace of mind knowing they’re secure and safe.

Promising review: “We needed something to secure our poodle, Maggie, to the back seat of our Jeep. She rides around a lot with us, and we were worried she might one day jump out and end up falling. So far, we love this seatbelt! It lengthens just long enough so she can still get her head out of the window and into the wind like she loves to do, all while it is securely buckled in.” —Wendy

Get it from Amazon for $8.75 (available in three colors and three styles).

42. Cat steps so your little feline friend can climb up the walls to their heart’s content, giving them tons of much needed stimulation and exercise.

Cats Mode is a small business that sells stylish furniture pieces for even the pickiest of kitties. 

Promising review: “Instructions were easy and pretty self explanatory, and looking forward to getting some of the hexagon beds but these cat shelves help my kitties get to the beds I already have and they love them! I used to have them over my bed (bad idea) and they would wake me up when jumping to them or roll over and fall on my face In the middle of the night LOL so these are extremely helpful and was able to put them on a separate wall. They are so cute! Love them!” —Nicole

Get it from Cats Mode on Etsy for $20+ (available in five styles and six wood colors. You can also add a bridge!).

43. And finally, a monthly subscription to DogTV because there is nothing more useful than distracting your dog while you take your umpteenth trip to Target for the day to walk around while sipping a *Starbies*. They offer stimulation, relaxation, and exposure programs all designed to make being alone a little less, well, alone.

DogTV is a 24/7 channel with programs scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when they’re left home alone and need a little bit of company. Each video meets specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing *and* supports their natural behavior patterns. Results: the happiest dog ever! Psst, you can stream DogTV on any device!

Get it from DogTV for $9.99/month or you can purchase the annual membership with adds up to $6.99/month.