33 Products That Let Everyone Know How Much You Love Your Dog

1. A sleeping bag so your dog can come camping and stay warm overnight. Look at these little pigs in blankets! Do I like camping now? 

Promising review: “I’m so happy with this purchase! I used to bring a dog bed for Skydog when camping but it got to be a pain in the tookus being heavy and difficult to clean after camping. This sleeping bag is perfect for camping with your pooch! It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and super portable!” —Steph

Get it from Amazon for $22.95+ (available in three colors). 

2. A reversible windproof plaid jacket to give your dog a “we vacation in Europe” type of vibe. The fleece lining and water-repellant outer layer will ensure your dog stays warm, even in typically dreary English weather.

Promising review: “This is a great option as a coat. The fact that it’s reversible is great! My dog has long fur and seldom gets cold, but it is a pain to dry him off after going outside when it’s wet. The plaid side is cute for snowy days and the black, water-resistant side is excellent for rain or sleet. The high neck helps add additional protection. There is a large flap that goes under the tummy to protect tummy fur from getting wet. Both sides of the coat and one side of the neck have Velcro closures so it is very easy to put on and take off quickly. And the Velcro hasn’t gotten full of fur or stuck to his fur at all. The leg and neck openings are perfect.” —CrystalM

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes XS–3XL and seven styles).

3. A dog carrier backpack so you can take your pup on all your adventures, even if the trail is a little too vertical for their tiny paws. The bag’s ventilated, waterproof design will keep them nice and comfortable while you brave the great outdoors.

Promising review: “We bought this backpack for our Yosemite/Mammoth hiking trip with the dogs. Here are the highlights: It’s really well-made. It’s comfortable to wear — even lugging around a furry rascal. I love the water bottle pockets on the side and the laptop pocket inside. Our 13-lb Chihuahua fits in it perfectly and loves looking out the flap. The Chihuahua is just as happy being fully zipped in when transporting him.” –Zazzie Perez

Get it from Amazon for $134.95 (available in two colors).

4. An LED collar to keep your dog safe on night walks and to give yourself a free light show.

Also pair with a light-up leash!

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in sizes XS–L and seven colors).

5. A Thundershirt to provide your nervous pup a little comfort when loud noises are upsetting them.

Promising review: “I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled to do so after seeing how effective this shirt has been on our dog. We have a 30-pound rescue who’s about 6 years old. She’s the sweetest girl, and very ‘dog-like’ with my husband and I. However, whenever there’s company (regardless of how many times she’s met them before), she freezes up, gets tense, and hides out in a comfortable area. Long story short, we thought we’d give the Thundershirt a try. I really didn’t have any expectations considering her level of anxiety. We brought her to my aunt’s house for Christmas where there were 17 people (many of whom were kids under 9). She was a new dog. She was walking up to people, letting them pet her, and tail up the entire time. Everyone was commenting on how social she was, and how tolerant she was of the five kids who were completely smothering her with love! I will be using this for all future social gatherings. I don’t want my dog feeling anxiety, and this shirt clearly brought her significant comfort.” —laurenmickelsen

Get it from Amazon for $44.95+ (available in XS–2XL and four colors).

6. A silicone dog tag that doesn’t jingle or clang into food bowls, making it the ideal choice for nervous pups or humans who enjoy peace and quiet.

This tags glows in the dark and comes with up to six lines of text.

Promising review: “I am pleased with the Silidog ID tag that I ordered for my dog. The tag is a good size and the information is easy to read. The tag is sturdy and I expect it to last for quite a while. Shipping was surprisingly fast for a personalized item. The company provided excellent customer service.” —DogID

Get it from Chewy for $17.99.

7. Flavored bubbles your pup will be thrilled to attack and pop. I’m telling you, *everyone* loves bubbles.

Get it from sniffingtons on Etsy for $8 (available in 14 scents). 

8. A puzzle feeding game to keep your clever pup occupied. It comes in different difficulty levels, so even the smartest dogs can have a pre-meal challenge.

Promising review: “This is awesome! My border collie’s level of intelligence is a part-time job for me. He requires lots of engagement and he figures out everything fast. This puzzle took him a good hour and a half to figure out the first time and every time after that, he sits with this for about an hour. He’s really calm (which he’s normally not) and concentrated on it, methodically moving pieces. I ordered a second, different puzzle a day after we received this first one. It’s easy to clean because the sliding tiles just pop right off but I’ve just been using his regular kibble in it so it hasn’t hardly gotten dirty at all.” —Courtney Oldham

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four difficult levels and 13 shapes).

9. A luxurious wooden home because doesn’t Spot deserve a palace to luxuriate in?

Promising review: “This is the most beautiful dog house I’ve ever seen, I’m so happy with my purchase! Shipping was super fast considering it came all the way from Turkey. Amazing quality, very sturdy, beautiful materials used. I got the XL for my 65-pound husky and it’s the perfect size — she has a lot of room to toss and turn, so she loves it! Thank you so much!” —Jasmine

Get it from WLOWood on Etsy for $224.10+ (available in four sizes). 

10. The TikTok-famous fish toy that will flop like a real fish, making it the perfect entertainment for any amateur hunter.

It also comes with catnip if you have any cats!

Promising review: “Oh, Mylanta! This fish has gotten SO much mileage at my house. When charging, I stuffed it with a squeaky toy or ball. So far, eight fellow dog owners have bought this and it’s a hit at their home as well.” —Ray

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

11. A striped Snood to give your dog’s ears safe from the cold and biting wind. If your pet tends to go “hmmm never mind, let’s go back inside” when it’s too windy out, this could help!

Modern Beast is a woman-run LA-based small business from Lona Williams and Hope Reiners. They manufacture all of their products in the US and donate 100% of their profits to 501(c)(3) animal charities.

Get it from Modern Beast for $24 (available in sizes S–L and three colors).

12. A wall suction that you can fill with peanut butter so your dog will have something to distract themselves with from the unimaginable horror of bathtime.

Freeze before use so it takes Fido longer to lick up all the peanuty goodness. And get the cool hand-washer shown in the picture here!

Promising review: “Tried this with our Lab puppy when I needed to sweep and vacuum the floors. This kept her busy for a while so I could clean in peace! I filled it with peanut butter and placed it on the refrigerator door. She loves it! Also used this when we had company to keep her busy so she wouldn’t be such a pest.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

13. Pet House Candle that completely eliminates odors from your beloved — but stinky — furry friends, leaving you with a refreshing smell like bamboo watermint or evergreen forest.

Read our review of this candle here.

Promising review: “I have multiple dogs in the house and am always concerned that it smells like that to visitors, even cleaning every day. I have used other candles and melts that add a pleasant smell to the underlying odor, but this candle is the best. I have been able to leave the house for hours and when I first open the door, on my return, I don’t smell dog. We recently had a house full of people (many of them pet parents) over for Christmas dinner and one person actually commented, ‘Your house smells really nice. How do you keep the dog smell out?’ I laughed and told them I was just wondering if the candles were working. I guess I got the best answer.” —LLL Texas

Get it from Amazon for $21.95 (available in eight scents).

14. A Magic Link leash that can be worn in a whole array of different configurations. The adjustable slide can let you wear the leash on your wrist, as a bandolier, or as a belt, meaning you can go hands free while picking up poop or opening doors. It can also work as a slip-on collar!

This leash is such a lifesaver. My dog is very anxious and has a tendency to bolt. I’m talking 0 to 100, dead sprint. I was so scared that he would catch me off guard and the leash would fly out of my hands. Being able to loop this over my head (I wear it cross-body) has given me total peace of mind. Best of all, I can have both hands free while navigating various walking obstacles. The ease of being able to dig around in your bag while keeping your dog attached to your hip is truly priceless. Bonus: It comes in colors your dog can actually see. 

Get it from Fable for $65 (available in two sizes and six colors).

15. Protective leggings to ensure your couch-loving pooch is keeping their paws clean while walking outside in the mud and sludge.

Promising review: “Absolutely love these! I’ve had no trouble putting them on, they’re so cute, and do the job. With all the salt everywhere, we don’t have to keep stopping to clean a paw.” —Angela S.

Get it from Walkee Paws for $36.99 (available in sizes XS–L and nine patterns).

16. A cute Flingles (!🥺!) squeaky toy. The lid can be pulled out to reveal a crinkly line of “chips” perfect for chewing on. In other words, once you pop, the fun don’t stop.

My dog is truly obsessed with this toy. I fill the bottom of it with treats and then shove the chip part back into the “can.” Digging the treats out is a fun challenge, but I find that he plays with it loooong after all the treats have been retrieved. The crinkling just really excites him, I guess!

Get it from Target for $12.19.

17. Folding pet steps to help smaller (or older) dogs get to their favorite spot on the bed or couch without having to put strain on their joints. Gotta make sure they can access snuggles when they need ’em!

Promising review: “Great value and works really well. We have two large dogs (85 lbs and 92 lbs) and two big trucks (large SUV and GMC Sierra, a tall pickup truck) and this works just fine. It’s just an inch or two short of the back of my SUV and maybe 6 inches shorter than the back of the Sierra. It’s an easy extra step for the dogs. Folds down nicely to fit in either truck and the dogs really do not have any problems getting in or out. Really helping our backs… NOT lifting these big (old) dogs in and out of our vehicles!” —Kristina

Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in two sizes)

18. The beloved Wild One cushioned harness. There’s a reason why every other dog in NYC is wearing this number — it’s easy to secure, lightweight, and comes in a variety of stylish colors.

Promising review: “My dog has sensitive skin, and other harnesses will create rashes. We LOVE this one. It’s soft in the underarms and neckline. It’s also adjustable and super easy to put on.” —Rosemary P.

Get it from Wild One for $48 (available in sizes XS–L and nine colors).

19. A tennis ball holder that hooks onto your leash so you never forget your pup’s favorite toy ever again.

Get it from AberBox on Etsy for $4.95+ (available in seven colors).

20. A mushroom logo hide-and-seek toy for cottagecore lovers who want their dog to get in on foraging fun.

My dog is pretty weird about his toys (and also in general), so I never know what he’s going to like or completely ignore. This mushroom log has been a total hit! He loves how the log crinkles and has a ton of fun fishing out the squeaky mushrooms. Sometimes I’ll put my hand in the log and wiggle one of the mushrooms on top like a puppet. This makes him absolutely lose it — I’ve never seen him so excited! I love that this is machine washable and fairly durable, so we can keep it around for a while. 

Get it from Harry Barker for $20.

21. A dog car seat to cradle your favorite friend and keep them secure while you drive. This can also help with motion sickness and general separation anxiety (raise your hand if you ever had the dog try to leap in your lap while you were driving).

Promising review: “I used to HATE driving around with my dog just laying on the seat. It was dangerous! He would roll and slide when we made a turn or had to hit our brakes. I knew I needed to do something. I chose this one because it was actually like a basket as opposed to others that didn’t have sides that were raised enough. This was simple to install! Literally put it over your headrest, then wrap the buckle around the seat and clip and tighten! That’s it! On to my dog: He loves it! He feels SAFE in it and that’s the best thing. He can actually sleep on a car ride now! Before we got this, he threw up in the car from being carsick. Not anymore, he is secure and isn’t being bounced around. He can also see out the window safely.” –Emily

Get it from Amazon for $66.95 (available in five colors).

22. A Snuggle Puppy offering warm comfort to puppies who miss their litter mates. It features a “real feel” pulsing heartbeat and a heat pack so they instinctually wanna snuggle up with it. This can help soothe anxiety and the pains of crate-training.

Promising review: “I was skeptical about getting a $40 stuffed animal for my dog, but I’m so glad I did! We got our Frenchie on a Monday night and we were up three times that night with her and Tuesday night. The puppy buddy came in on Wednesday evening and I immediately let her use it. I turned on the heart beat for her and she was immediately intrigued by it. The final test was seeing how she did overnight. She slept all night! We heard her whine for not even a full minute at one point but she went back to sleep quickly. She now looks for her puppy when she is ready to lay down.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $37+ (available in five colors).

23. A Furbo dog camera that shoots out treats so you can check in on your furry friend throughout the day. Separation anxiety isn’t just for dogs, after all! It has 1080p HD video, two-way audio, a barking sensor that sends notifications when your dog is barking, and works with Alexa.

Promising review: “I was always concerned leaving my puppy home alone because he will cry a lot… When I got the Furbo, things got much better! Furbo sent me notifications to my phone when he was crying, so I would log on and talk to him right away. This changed everything!! My puppy knows I’m always there, so his separation anxiety is getting better. He cries less, and I feel much more relieved.” —Susan

Get it from Amazon for $118.

24. A subscription to DogTV, aka Netflix for pups. It has streaming content specifically designed to keep dogs relaxed, calm, and entertained while you’re gone or too busy to play.

DogTV is available to stream on popular streaming devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, so you won’t even have to buy any new equipment! 

Get a monthly subscription from DogTV for $9.99 (also available as a yearly subscription for $84.99).

25. A container of oatmeal paw butter that’ll soothe and relieve your dog’s cracked, dry paws. Its eco-friendly formula is pH balanced so it’s safe for cats, even if licked or swallowed. *seriously considers licking it myself to see if it really tastes like oatmeal*

Promising review: “I’ve tried everything on my Australian shepherd’s paws. He licks his paws when they get dry which makes them drier. The vet told me to use coconut oil; he just licked that off. I don’t think he liked the taste of the paw butter so he left it on and by the next morning, I saw a significant improvement.” —C. Castro

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

26. A car seat cover so rides with your furry friend don’t lead to a furry car. Now that the fear of dog hair is in the past, trips to the dog park can double!

Promising review: “I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s working great. It pretty much stays in place, I don’t have to mess with moving it around or ever fixing it (sometimes the lower flaps might pop up a little bit when my dog is sitting on it but that’s it). I love the gray with the blue piping. The only thing is that my dog slips on it a little bit since it is a slick waterproof material. I have to have the waterproof (that’s why I wanted a cover) because he gets in the car after swimming, so we’ll live with that. He’ll have to learn to be more careful and keep his butt planted. But just something to consider if you don’t need waterproof.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $58.95.

27. A squeaky toy shaped like a can of “White Paw” so you and your dog can crack a cold one together. Ain’t no laws when chewing on White Paws.

Get a pair from Amazon for $19.99 (available in two “flavor” combos).

28. A Casper pet bed so your dog can enjoy the same luxurious sleep that you do! Like a human mattress, it comes with memory and support foam for the ultimate comfort. The cover can be removed and thrown in the washer.

Promising review: “The Casper dog bed is phenomenal; our dog, Jeff, will choose to sleep in it instead of sleeping with us in our king-size bed.” —Barbara

Get it from Casper for $139+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

29. A Dash dog treat maker that works like a waffle maker but for your pet. Fido may never know the joy of operating a waffle marker at a hotel continental breakfast, but homemade treats are sure to get the tail wagging. 

Promising review: “My dog loves the treats made in this maker, and I love the relative ease and speed. I wasn’t too crazy about the included recipes, but I found quit a few good ones online. The online recipes make between 36 and 48 treats at a time — very generous — and use common household ingredients. Since I have a very fussy dog, I’m glad I found this.” —Diane Mettam

Get it from Amazon for $29.99. 

30. A whimsical, reversible Lucy & Co harness so your dog can enjoy the occasional style update. Thanks to the durable neoprene on both sides, these harnesses are comfy, water-repellant, and easy to wash.

I love having a reversible harness for my dog because it means I can switch it up whenever I’m sick of one pattern. The harness is easy to put on and adjust and seems very durable. 

Get it from Lucy & Co for $22.40+ (available in 17 patterns) or Verishop for $22.40+ (available in 14 patterns). 

31. An acrylic four-panel dog gate to keep your dog out of certain areas in a chic, aesthetically friendly way. Bonus: You can still see them through the gate so you can check in from time to time. 

BTW — Shop Hiddin is a small New York–based shop specializing in acrylic pet products for the modern animal.

Promising review: “This is elegant and sleek. Fabulous!! My only regret is not finding the product sooner.”—wlsofne

Get it from Shop Hiddin on Etsy for $350+ (available in four sizes). 

32. A tennis ball launcher so you can finally throw the ball far enough to wear out your energetic pup.

Promising review: “I have a young golden retriever who would retrieve balls and frisbees all day long if my arm could take it. Bought the 26M Chuck-It and love it! I can throw the ball a lot farther and for more throws, so he gets more exercise.” —J.Essie

Get it from Amazon for $9.92.

33. And a dehydrator so you can make your spoiled pup homemade jerky. Uhmm, can I have some too?

You can adjust the thermostat to dry at different temperatures. It has five trays and can expand to 12 trays.

Promising review: “I did a lot of research on these before buying. But, I mean, when you have over 3,000 reviews and you’re still at 4.5 stars you can’t doubt this. It made the best jerky I’ve ever had! We used their spices (because they come free with the dehydrator). Added soy sauce and red wine vinegar. It beats any store-bought jerky! I kinda panicked not having a timer. But we have cellphones with them now. We’re doing fruit now! I can’t wait for it to be done. The aromas fill the whole house too! Don’t look anywhere else. This is the best!” —Erin M Biggs

Get it from Amazon for $88.70.