28 Gifts To Surprise One Paw-Some Dog Mom On Mother’s Day

1. A paw print keepsake to hold a photo of their pooch alongside an imprint of their pup’s paw that’s just begging to bring tears to any dog mom’s eyes. 

Frame also includes kit for creating a paw imprint.

Shipping: Amazon Prime members can receive two-day free shipping. Non-Prime members may get it within two days when you spend $25 on pet products shipped by Amazon.

Promising review: “Got this as a gift for my girlfriend on Mother’s Day as a Fur Baby Mother’s Day gift. She was so happy to get it it made her cry. The most difficult part was getting her doggo to stay long enough to get the paw print into the mold lol.” —Benjamen Dees

Get it from Amazon for $17.70 (available in seven colors).

2. A handmade Shih Tzu-inspired planter your dog-loving person will go absolutely mutts over as each one can house their second favorite thing to take care of — plants.

 Magayon Collections is a small shop on Etsy that specializes handmade crafts by artisans in the Philippines.

Shipping: Delivers within 10 days of shipping.

Promising review: “This planter is extremely well-made and resembles every Yorkie I’ve ever seen! It’s a gift for a friend and I know she’ll love it, too. ♥️😄♥️” —Elizabeth Toombs

Get it from Magayon Collections on Etsy for $19.75+ (available in two sizes).

3. A dog treat maker doggy moms (who are also lowkey chefs on the side) can use to make their furchild some tasty treats using the provided recipes (or by creating their own). Yum! 

This is totally one of the must-have products if your dog is your best friend since eight bone-shaped treats can be made at a time. Just preheat the treat maker, add the batter, and press and cook. 

Shipping: Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping for eligible items. Non-Prime members can get free shipping delivered within five days.

Promising review: “Such a unique and affordable gift for dog lovers. It’s fun to make, easy, and requires little clean up  Great value and so delightful to see the lighted faces of dog owners given this gift. Dogs also love the addition of peanut butter to their custom treats.” —JR

Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

4. A trendy treat pouch versatile enough to wear as a purse or belt bag so they can carry all the extremely useful things every pet parent needs — like snacks for humans and canines! 

The bag is designed with recycled water bottles and can also fit personal belongings like their phone, keys, and wallet.

Shipping: Delivered within seven days.

Promising review: “This is such a multipurpose bag. It helps to have a small but spacious bag to take for when I go out with my dog, whether it’s a simple walk or a day out. What I really love the most is the space where the doggie bags are! It makes them easily accessible to get one when you need one. Every dog parent NEEDS this!” —Emily L.

Get it from Wild One for $44 (available in three colors).

5. A personalized blanket absolutely paw-fect for them and their dog to get cozy with during their next movie marathon — Lady and The Tramp anyone?

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Danielle Healy absolutely adores this blanket, as a dog mom herself.

“My mom was gifted this when she got a new dog and, after telling her how cute I thought it was, she spread the love by gifting me one when I got a dog! Obviously the fact that’s it’s customizable is just too cute and it’s soooooo soft (I can’t exaggerate how soft it is) so both of our dogs took to it immediately. It’s been really nice for my always-cold Chi-mix to have something of his own to snuggle up with, and I’ll definitely be taking it on trips so he has a little piece of home with him always.”

Promising review: “This was a fabulous gift! The dog owner was SO excited — only to be overshadowed by the puppy who carried it around the room (and continues to do so)! It is super soft and was well received by person AND, more importantly, her four-legged friend.” —Medley

Get it from Amazon for $19.95+ (available in three sizes).

6. A set of “How To Speak Dog” cards so any dog mom can ~really~ connect with their canine child and achieve their dream of actually having a real conversation with their dog.

ach card features an illustration and definition that explains the different meanings behind a dog’s behaviors.

Shipping: Expected to ship by April 11.

Promising review: “At the puppy reveal party my friend opened the cards up and read a few. Good info and so much fun!” —Nhill

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $10.

7. A cottony and über comfy custom pet portrait sweatshirt — talk about (or bark about) a one-of-a-kind gift they can treasure (and wear on walks)!

Made My Days is a small shop on Etsy located in Orlando, Florida, that creates handcrafted custom apparel.

Shipping: Delivers within 19 days.

Promising review: “Five stars do not give enough credit to this owner! Quality, detail and customer service surpassed all my expectations. I loveee my sweater so much.” —Stephanie

“This turned out so cute! I got it for a dog-obsessed friend and she LOVED it with one of her pup’s faces on it. So soft, pretty color, looks great!” —Mallory Carteaux

Get it from Made My Days on Etsy for $19.27+ (available in 15 colors, three styles, and sizes S–2XL).

8. A travel bag to carry all of Fido’s essentials during their next walk to the dog park, including two bowls and *a lot* of pockets to store all of the necessities.

Promising review: “I bought this as a gift for my friend since she has two pit bulls who that she loves to go on outings with. This bag has consolidated her usual doggy kit and made it easier for her to organize her doggos’ things. She’s been using it for over three months and loves it.” —Susan

“I am in LOVE with this travel bag! I love the color, material, size, and compartments. I really like that it comes with its own matching travel bowls as well. I’ve even received compliments on the bag lol. The letter that comes with the bag is very sweet and put a smile on my face! I’m even buying another as a gift for my family member! I give 5 stars!” —Robert

Get it from Amazon for $38.99.

9. A trendy, handmade, gold-filled “dog mom” necklace that clearly spells out the fact they’re a proud dog owner (just in case everyone didn’t already know).

Each purchase helps support the small business Di Tacchio Design. The gold-filled necklace should avoid contact with any perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals — including household cleaners.

Shipping: Arrives within three days.

Get it from Nuggie Paw Shop for $25.

10. A customizable (with their dog’s name) scented soy candle to mask that silent but *very* deadly gas passed by their stinky but still lovable furball. 

Bold Coast Candle Co. is a small shop on Etsy located in Brewer, Maine, that specializes in custom soy candles for basically any occassion. Choose from a variety of scents and even personalize it with their pup’s name.

Shipping: Arrives within 13 days.

Promising review: “I got this for my mom and she loved it. The smell was AMAZING. In my opinion, I think it was better than anything I could have found at Bath & Body Works. I definitely would recommend this product!!” —Ashley

Get it from Bold Coast Candle Co. on Etsy for $12+ (available in 16 scents and three sizes).

11. A dog astrology book by Stella Andromeda for determining their doggo’s unique personality traits based solely on the stars — even Sirius the “dog star” would be jealous.

This interactive book will help give you a deeper understanding of who your dog really is.

Shipping: Arrives within five days.

Promising review: “For my boyfriend’s sister and she loved it, and it really decoded their dogs personality!” —mara ct

“Love it and it’s very cute for room decor.” —amj99

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $14.99.

12. A funny coffee mug and wine glass holder that’s totally relatable for basically any dog mom — especially the ones with puppers that wake them up at the crack of dawn for their early morning walk outside.

Shipping: Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping for eligible items. Non-Prime members can get free shipping delivered within five days.

Promising review: “We got this for my mother and it came very well wrapped and was so easy to put together. The cups and wine glasses we bought separately. My mother loved the gift, and for the price, it was worth it.” —Claudia R.

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

13. A custom pair of pajamas with their pooch’s face on it so their dog can sleep with them every night, which is especially helpful if your doggo is crate-trained or banned from the bed. 

Each set is made with a mix of polyester and cotton material with pants that include a drawstring waistband.

Shipping: Arrives within five days.

Get it from My Face Boxer for $35.95+ (available in sizes S–XXXL, with matching shirt, and in six colors).

14. A custom pet blanket for displaying how picture-perfect their pooch is that will go great with the *dozens* of photos of their pup plastered on every wall (and shelf) of their home.

Mod Paws U.S. is a small shop on Etsy that specializes in curating handcrafted modern pet products.

Shipping: Arrives within 15 days.

Promising review: “The blanket made my mother-in-law cry. The image was accurately and artfully printed on the blanket. The blanket was soft, large, perfect for snuggling, and the perfect shade (taupe). The font for the message was styled perfectly for this gift. Hopefully it lasts a long time!” —Nino

Get it from Mod Paws U.S. on Etsy for $40.21+ (available in eight colors, two fabrics, and three sizes).

15. A matching shirt set because yes, she is totally THAT dog mom! The dog version was specifically designed to avoid any ~messes~ when their pooch needs to do their business.

Promising review: “Bruno gets so many compliments in his new Birds of Paradise button-up that I had to get one to match. The quality is top-notch and fits great. Bruno is 20 pounds and wears a medium. Love the print — it’s perfect for any occasion, especially in sunny San Diego! We will be getting more, no doubt!” —Chad and B

Get it from Dog Threads for $42+ (available in sizes XS–XXL).

16. A dog DNA test which is basically the dog equivalent of 23 And Me, providing a deep-dive insight into what breeds their mutt is made up of. 

To use, follow the included instructions to collect a saliva sample that you will then send off to the brand’s lab. Within a few weeks you’ll receive a complete rundown of what type of breeds your dog is made of.

Promising review: “It was so fun to guess what predominant breed my dog was and then get the results in a timely manner! Embark was so easy to use, they followed up on every step of the process and I got my results quicker than they estimated. A great gift to give someone for their birthday that has rescued a pet!” —S. Snailum

Get it from Amazon for $99.

17. A dog patterned mug created with clay stoneware and depicting one of a dog’s favorite activities — sniffing. It’s a no-brainer if your dog mom is also a fan of the fresh smell of coffee in the morning.

Don’t worry, it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe too. You can also pair it with some of these coffee lover gifts!

Shipping: Arrives within seven days.

Get it from Modern Beast for $17 (available in three styles).

18. A Dachshund ring holder to store their favorite rings in (especially if they’re prone to losing jewelry). Now they don’t have to train their dog to sniff out all of their missing accessories.

Shipping: Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping for eligible items. Non-Prime members can get free shipping delivered within five days on orders $25 and over.

Promising review: “My wife is obsessed with Dachshunds, so when I saw this I knew she needed it. When it arrived, I opened the box and it was better constructed than I expected. It’s heavy and seems like it will be a cute accessory for her jewelry cabinet for a long time to come.” —Chris Proctor

Get it from Amazon for $17.

19. A custom pet pillow any dog mom is sure to squeal in excitement over as they’ll have *another* keepsake to add to their growing favorite furball shrine.

Rarton is a small shop on Etsy located in China that specializes in personalized gifts and home decor.

Shipping: Arrives within three weeks.

Promising review: “Most unbelievable pillows I could have EVER imagined!! I sent them two photos, one for a small pillow and one for the large pillow. I still cannot believe how realistic the pictures came out on the pillows — they are clear as day and are they SOFT! It’s almost as if they’re a sueded cotton. They’re stuffed nice and tight so they stand up against my other pillows, and, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I actually sleep with my arms wrapped around the small pillow in place of my baby boy, Oliver, my miniature dachshund I lost last August and whose pictures I sent to these wonderful people. Oliver used to sleep under the covers with his head on my pillow. It’s not quite the same, and I still mourn his loss, but having my Oliver pillow to hold at night is very comforting. I highly recommend these folks! I know I’d purchase again!” —Jennifer

Get it from Rarton on Etsy for $14.21+ (available in five sizes and two styles).

20. A dog mom self care kit featuring a wine tumbler, fluffy socks, and a wine bottle cap for the pet parent who needs a reminder to take some time for themselves, especially after a ruff day of work.

Shipping: Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping for eligible items. Non-Prime members can get free shipping delivered within five days on orders $25 and over.

Promising review: “I just wanted a fun little 50th gift to add to my friends present. This is a great value as you get the cup and lid, a bottle opener, and the socks. Even came with a cute little clear gift bag and ribbon. Great gift for the price!!” —Hockey mom

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

21. A chic dog carrier to haul their mini pooch anywhere — and look good doing it. It also comes with a handy poop bag carrier for those moments when their pup has ~gotta go~.

The bag has a removable cushion for comfort and an easy clean up. There’s even an included harness clip to ensure your pet’s safety while carrying them around.

Shipping: Arrives within seven days.

Get it from Modern Beast for $62 (available in two colors).

22. A dog mom keychain wristlet so they’ll never forget their keys when they get wrapped up in all of the excitement of bringing their fur baby out for a walk.

The Northern Pine is a woman-owned small shop on Etsy located in New York that creates laser cut and engraved goods. Each wristlet is made of silicone beads, a wood disc that can be personalized (one one side only), and a fashionable tassel.

Shipping: Arrives within three weeks.

Promising review: “I love my new keychain!!! It came so fast and is of great quality!!” —Riley

Get it from The Northern Pine on Etsy for $16 (available in two colors and seven engraving options).

23. A welcome sign that may earn you a few laughs, while letting guests know who the real VIP visitors are. Still better than “Live, Laugh, Bark.” 

The wooden sign can be hung up or rested on top of a desk or table.

Shipping: Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping for eligible items. Non-Prime members can get free shipping delivered within five days on orders $25 and over.

Promising review: “Gave this to a co-worker for her birthday and she was really surprised, and we all got a good laugh. Perfect gift for your dog-lover friends. It’s not super large but is great for desks or entrance tables (can be hung up as well).” —April Mae

Get it from Amazon for $9.20.

24. An über plush and fluffy paw pillow (just like their favorite doggo) that their small pooch can snuggle up in AND act as a cute piece of decor.

Puppery is a small shop on Etsy that creates pet clothing, toys, and accessories. The pillow is also washable! You can rest it flat or elevated depending on your preferences too.

Shipping: Arrives within six weeks.

Get it from Puppery on Etsy for $34.18+ (available in six colors and two sizes).

25. A pair of matching leggings decorated with rainbow hearts for the dog mom who does everything with their favorite pooch — including wearing matching clothes. 

These nylon leggings also include a handy hidden pocket with a cleverly designed poop bag pouch hidden inside the waistband.

Shipping: Arrives within 10 days.

Get it from Walkee Paws for $79.99 (available in sizes XS–L)

26. A rustic dish towel made from delicate cotton material that’s not just for Police dogs (if you get it, you get it). 

Shipping: Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping for eligible items. Non-Prime members can get free shipping delivered within five days on orders $25 and over.

Promising review: “I’ve had my eye on this dish towel for some time. Finally gave in and bought it. The material is tea towel like, and when you unfold it it’s HUGE. The graphic is printed on well and I don’t see it fading with washing. Would make a great gift for a dog mom/dad and also makes a great addition to your own kitchen.” —tracy collins

Get it from Amazon for $9.49.

27. A maple dog-shaped cheese board that the host in your life will surely find un-brie-leavably adorable — plus you can customize the shape of it to a specific breed.

For the best care, make sure to wash with mild soap and water — also incorporate mineral oil for added preservation.

Shipping: Arrives within five days after shipping.

Promising review: “My parents recently got a new dog — a mini schnauzer — and she is great, and they have announced that she is now their new child, and really I don’t blame them — she’s adorable. Inevitably, I had to get this for them. The only other thing they love almost as much as their new baby is charcuterie and cheese. It was the perfect match.” —Alex was replaced by a dog

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $50 (available in 16 breeds).

28. A “Chew This Journal” for the dog mom who loves their pet *so* much they want to take advantage of any excuse to do bonding activities with their pup.

This book comes chalked full of activities they can do with their doggo, including making a no-sew dog bed and taking a “sniff” walk with their pooch.

Shipping: Arrives within three days.

Promising review: “Purchased for my little cousin for her birthday. It’s the cutest book with fun activities and the most adorable illustrations ever!” —mollye22

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16.95.